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Project Description
This application will drill into the Windows File System like Windows File Explorer but is more geared to working with multiple directories at a time.


Version 1 with full source code released.
Not the greatest of coding style, but some interesting Linq queries used.


  • Have you ever been desperate to find some space you can create on a drive because you can't fit something you need to download; especially on the system disk? Don't you wish that you could just get a list of how much space each subdirectory takes up; in one hit?
  • Have you ever wanted to get a list of all instances of a file when you have multiple copies of the same file spread over your system?



The application opens up displaying system drives in a DataGridView.
  • You expand rows by double clicking to get subdirectories.
  • And then a second double click will close these.
    • Or similarly drill down into subfolders
    • To save time you can set the number of levels down it stores for display (Default 4)

You can right click on a row (folder) to:
  • Open it in File Explorer
  • Open its parent folder with it selected.
  • Get a unique list of files (and a count for each) as filtered at or below this folder
    • Then select one (double click) and get a list of all instances of the filename
      • Double click on an instance to select that file in File Explorer

Data Returned

  • Total storage for the folder and subfolders
  • Number of files that matching the File Filter in the directory.
  • Number next level subfolders in the directory
  • Total number of all files below the folder matching the file filters
  • Total number of folders matching the Directory Filter


There are three filters:
  • FileMask: This applies only to the base name of a file.
    • Wildcards can be used.
    • Blank means {*.*}
    • A single string has * post-pended
    • To use a specific string enclose it in double quotes
  • Filetypes: A comma separated list of file extensions (with or without the .) that get juxtaposition with the FileMask as a secondary filter. There is a filter menu to select some common file type lists.
  • Top Directory: Only directories that match the mask are interrogated. Normally blank. Wildcards are accepted. Set before first drill down to limit which top level directories are interrogated.
    • Note: Need to press Reset if changed
  • Other Directories: Only directories that match the mask ar interrogated. Normally blank. Wildcards are accepted. Normally left blank

Note if you apply a file or folder filter:
  • Only those folders are searched.
  • Only the filtered files in those filtered folders are counted and sizeof added to the storage space used.


This is Version 1.0. No attempt yet to address performance ..later
Please give feedback on:
  • Bugs
  • Usability
  • App usefulness
  • Suggestions
Use the Discussions and Issues pages please, thx.
Code will be released at some stage. Contributors welcome.

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